Go with the Pros: 6 Reasons Why Professional Website Designers Are Worth It

Go with the Pros: 6 Reasons Why Professional Website Designers Are Worth It

It’s hard to imagine running a modern business that does not have an online presence. After all, informative, accessible websites are something customers expect. If you’re looking to put up a webpage, you’ve got two options: hire a professional or do-it-yourself.

There are a plethora of tools that make DIY websites a passable option for many people. However, nothing beats a tried-and-true professional website designer. Your brand deserves the best — focus on your business, not website coding!

Benefits of Hiring a Pro

There’s a lot to be said for hiring a professional website designer to help build your online presence. The right designer can help:

-Guarantee a Quality, Stress-Free Website

-Create a Responsive, User-friendly Design

-A Better SEO presence

-Increased Conversions

-Add a dash of extra legitimacy and credibility to your business

-Save you time and money

1: Guarantee a Quality, Stress-Free Website

Ever been to a website where something just seemed off? Perhaps the designer forgot to eliminate some filler text, images seemed flat and slow to load, and the overall product felt lacking?

That’s where a professional website designer can make all the difference. Instead of stressing out about how to use tools outside your immediate skillset, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a quality product.

There’s a reason we hire professionals to handle difficult or complicated tasks. It’s possible to learn to build websites yourself, but your time is better spent elsewhere.

2: Create a Responsive, User-friendly Design

Over 40% of online sales are made on mobile devices. That’s a lot. Many DIY website tools work well at building pages for desktop computers, but fall apart when it comes to mobile, responsive design.

Responsive design is an approach where websites will adapt (resize, respond, and react) to a user’s device. A traditional non-responsive design approach does not translate well to the sheer range of mobile devices in use today.

It’s a seemingly small touch, but responsive web design is a hallmark of quality web work. As a business owner, you need to have an accessible, easy-to-use website for users on phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

3: A Better SEO Presence

It’s no exaggeration to say that search engine optimization (SEO) can make or break some businesses. If you’re involved in an eCommerce industry, you’ve undoubtedly run into this discussion before. The higher you rank on a search engine results page, the more visitors you’ll have. More visitors (usually) equates to higher sales.

Entire industries are built around the concept of SEO. The basic goal of SEO is to make your website more friendly to search engine crawlers. The better your website appears to search engines, the higher it will rank.

Much of SEO is technical in nature. Professional website designers can dramatically improve your SEO performance: loading times, meta descriptions, add structured data tags, and so on.

4: Increased Conversions

Increased conversions — where visitors become customers or take action on your website — is where professional websites shine. Improvements range from seemingly minor changes (like modifying button colors) to massive overhauls.

Professional website designers deal with the intricacies of customer conversion on a daily basis. This is not something to leave up to chance: every visitor that ‘drops off’ the conversion path represents a potentially lost sale! Bringing in digital strategy consultants pay huge dividends.

5: Add an Extra Dash Of Extra Polish and Credibility

First impressions matter. In a world where the first tendency for many people is to pull out their phone and start searching, that first impression comes from your website. The benefits of a polished, professional website are hard to overstate — the relationship between you and the customer should start with your best foot forward.

Compared to DIY website solutions, a digital transformation company adds a serious extra dash of polish to your page. Customers notice and appreciate the deceptively small touches that elevate a website from “meh” to “brilliant”. That’s what you’re paying for: fit, finish, and professionalism.

6: Save You Time and Money

If you’re considering expanding your online presence, a tried-and-true pro can save you both time and money. It may seem counterintuitive, but allocating the resources to a professional is faster and cheaper in the long run.

If you opt for a DIY designer, you run the risk of spending your time inefficiently. You’re not a website development company, after all: play to your strengths!

Imagine spending tens or hundreds of hours trying to design and implement the website you want. That’s a lot of time — time is money, after all — that could be better spent elsewhere. Building your own website is a significant time investment that may not pay off in the end.

Focus On What You Do Best: Building Your Business

While it’s more than possible to spend the time and money to build your own website, it’s not ideal. Focus on what you do best — building your business — and let the professionals handle the intricacies of web design and SEO.

A professional design agency like Trackmind Design can tailor a website solution based on your specific needs. We specialize in affordable, quality design services for startups. There’s no complicated pricing scheme or other nonsense: it’s just honest work, aimed at growing your brand.

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