Addison Care: The At Home Digital Caregiver

Addison Care: The At Home Digital Caregiver

The best technologies are boundless and open to everyone. They don’t intimidate with complicated interfaces and an exclusive shorthand. Young or old, savvy or novice, truly transformative innovations empower, allowing people to lead more fulfilling and satisfying lives. Trackmind can’t help but gravitate towards such stories and wanted to take a moment to focus on Addison Care, an especially relevant example of technology’s endless potential.

The Current State of In-Home Caregiving

Addison Care is a company that perfectly embodies our thoughts on technology and its unique possibilities. It is a revolutionary stance on caregiving, one that allows the sick and elderly to remain in their home while still receiving the care and attention they so badly need. Given the current state of in-home care, where high costs and a lack of qualified, motivated, and compassionate workers put a tremendous strain on the market, new solutions are needed to provide cost-efficient care that doesn’t sacrifice impact and effectiveness.

A rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation, the majority of which have either already segued from work to retirement or are about to, will only further strain a heavily stretched caregiving industry as the number of retirees requiring consistent care explodes. Thankfully, as is often the case, technology found a way for the elderly to remain where they want to be, in their home, while staying connected to their critical caregiving support.

Addison Care, Caregiving for the Digital Age

Addison Care uses a virtual caregiver displayed on monitors throughout a home to provide the elderly and ill with constant connectivity to support. Nicknamed Addison Rose, the caregiver interacts in a normal conversational tone, eliminating any perceived barriers a person might feel towards a technology-driven solution, no matter their age.

Addison monitors patient activity, reminds them to take their medication, and can make real-time health assessments to determine if a negative health trend is rising or a severe health event is imminent. From a technology perspective, Addison typifies the notion of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. As extraordinary as AI, augmented reality, natural language processing, voice recognition, and several other technologies are in their own right, it is only through their collective use that an innovation like Addison is possible.

Of course, Addison Rose is not intended to entirely replace traditional in-home caregivers. After all, no matter how far technology evolves, there is no replacement for simple humanity and empathy. However, Addison Care recognized an area where technology could significantly extend existing resources and human capital in the caregiving industry. Addison allows far more in-home patients to receive a high level of care that otherwise would have been too expensive, too difficult to find, or perhaps even impossible to accomplish in the first place.

The Bigger Picture

Addison Care represents the vision that Trackmind holds for technology. In this case, it allows elderly patients to remain in their home longer and, thus, significantly improve their quality of life. It empowers without intimidating, is user-friendly without sacrificing impact and reach. At Trackmind, we vow to give our partners the same level of innovation and inspiration as Addison Care provides to in-home patients. And along the way, we’ll continue to share stories like Addison Care and the unique benefits that the very best examples of technology lend to individuals and society alike.