Amazon Dashes To The Store For You

Convenience is often at the top of consumers wish lists, and today they have the ability to have packages delivered in just two days with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime ensures quick delivery along with convenience. This is particularly important to today’s customers who want their purchases as soon as possible. Amazon has recently aimed to add even more convenience through the launch of Amazon Dash, a program that works in conjunction with Prime. Amazon Dash allows consumers to replenish their inventory of household items at the click of a button.

The Amazon Dash is a small Wi-Fi connected button linked to a specific product type and brand, such as Tide Laundry Detergent. When the button is pressed, it allows customers to quickly and seamlessly order products such as detergent, paper towels, trash bags or even gum, which will be automatically delivered to them in just two days via Amazon Prime.

Each Amazon Dash button is linked to your Amazon Prime account and credit card via the Amazon Prime app on your smartphone or tablet to facilitate a seamless process. Amazon has many popular brands affiliated with this low-cost program. Each button costs $4.99, and the initial cost of the button is 100 percent refunded after just one purchase. This refund is making the buttons a huge hit with customers. Amazon Dash has already been linked to several household products including Bounty, Gerber, Gillette, and others.

This program is beneficial to consumers because it allows them to make purchases at the click of a button and the service itself is completely free after the initial refund. The ability to order household items instantaneously is a tremendous time saver; time that could be better spent tackling other tasks. However, the greatest benefit is the ever-expanding brand reach of Amazon Dash. The new program is aligned with over 30 very popular brands which can cover most of the household essentials.

Amazon Dash is an even more convenient upgrade to Amazon Prime and has the potential to disrupt the consumer products purchasing experience. Consumers now have the ability to make purchases from the click of a button on devices to replace household essentials. The connected buttons are Amazon’s latest venture into the Internet of Things, bringing Wi-Fi connectivity to ordinary devices to promote interconnectedness. Amazon is certainly setting the stage for a consumer experience revolution, but for now consumers won’t have to dash to the store or even a computer to make their latest purchases.