Build Your Own Smart Home

For most people, the vast majority of the day is spent looking at screen–whether it’s the computer, a smartphone, or television. These devices all have internet connectivity that allows consumers to read social media updates, browse the web, or play games with friends.

But what if any device you choose could be connected to the internet? It seems that the possibilities are endless.

LittleBits, sold by a company of the same name, brought electricity to products. The company’s newest product, cloudBits, enables consumers to give any object internet connectivity. This in turn facilitates a personalized “internet of things” within the walls of their own homes. Implementing internet connectivity into several devices in homes–HVAC systems, refrigerators, lights, and more–would give users the ability to remotely control their homes when they are away, or even when they’re home but would like to automate the process out of convenience.

Many experts believe that while smart homes are the future, it is the near future. They believe that the convenience of remotely controlling homes paired with the technology immersion of today’s generations would be a natural transition from existing processes, which are quickly becoming outdated. LittleBits and cloudBits are reasonably priced, a great convenience, and many of the devices designed with this software integrated have a very aesthetically pleasing design.

LittleBits is offering a “bundle” on cloudBits because they have recently come to market. The bundle includes a module and several bits so consumers can begin creating their own internet-ready devices. The bits are similar to Legos and are very easy for any consumer to use. The combination of littleBits and cloudBits seems to be one that could shape the internet of things in the homes of consumers for the forseeable future.