Data Annotation - BioTech
The Essential Guide to Data Labeling and Annotation for Biotech Machine Learning
Data labeling and annotation are critical components of successful machine learning projects in the biotech industry. This comprehensive guide explores the unique challenges and best practices for labeling biotech data, helping companies ensure accurate and effective annotations that drive innovation and accelerate discovery.
BioTech & Beauty
The Biotech Revolution in Beauty
Biotechnology has the ability to affect change across all industries - from healthcare to food and agriculture to energy.
Storytelling in Biotechnology: Why it matters
By using storytelling to illustrate the benefits, applications, and impact of your technology, you can create a compelling narrative that captures the attention and imaginations of your audience.
Fall Feature Series: Max Rye
Max talked to us about the origins of TurtleTree, their production of the world's first sustainable lactoferrin made with precision fermentation, and the mission that drives the whole company. The interview below has been edited for brevity..
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How to Make Your App “Sticky”
US adults spent over 3 hours and 35 minutes each day on mobile devices in 2018, according to eMarketer. 90 percent of the time on mobile last year was spent engaged with apps. Despite mobile applications’ incredible popularity for entertainment,...
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Edge Computing and the Future of the Cloud
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers in the tech world always need to do whatever they can to increase efficiency and stay one step ahead of the competition. Tools that help aid this need for constant increases in performance are very...