Fall Feature Series: Wee Tuck Tan
As we move into fall, we’re launching a new series of interviews with business leaders in the food, beverage, supplement and biotech industries. This month we sat down with Wee Tuck Tan, owner of..
The Beverage Industry is Taking on Climate Change
As climate change accelerates, consumers are increasingly concerned with the way large corporations are taking on environmental responsibility. Many consumers, especially those in the younger generations, expect..
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Why Great Design Is Critical for Startups
You only have about 50 milliseconds to win over new customers on your website. Only great design can engage prospects in that time.
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How to Make Your App “Sticky”
Creating a sticky app requires strong customer knowledge and design thinking principles, including research and continuous measurement to improve your app.
Why Empathy in Business is More Than Being Nice.
Major brands are discovering that empathy is more than just being nice. It's about building meaningful relationships with consumers.
How to develop a new product around an unknown concept
Developing a product around an unknown concept is a long-term process that needs to be approached in a very specific way.
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The 5G Economy and Its Impact for Your Business
Technology has always had a significant impact on society, from the global economy to the success and operations of businesses, as well as the at-home lives of individuals. Yet, compared to today, there’s never been a time when devices and...
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Beauty Tech 2019 – All About Personalization
As technology continues to advance, beauty gets more convenient for consumers. From appointment booking apps to skin matching technology, beauty businesses are becoming more innovative with the products and services that help enhance the customer experience. In 2019, beauty technology...
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The 6 Best Technologies for Global Manufacturing
The digital revolution is in full swing. New technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality, are boosting the capabilities of the manufacturers that embrace them. These new opportunities come at a time when manufacturers are facing significant...