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Mindful Digital Design Defined
Mindful design is design-thinking at its core, carried out from your value proposition into each little detail of the experience.
5 Surefire Steps to Building a Beverage Brand
If you’ve had that idea for a beverage brand brewing in the back of your mind for a while — now’s the time to crack it open.
Your Logo is not Your Brand
Your Logo is not Your Brand
There’s a significant difference between a logo and a brand. When contemplating a logo design, start by developing your bigger brand concept.
Startup Website Design Trends for 2021
Whether your B2B or B2C, your customer base is inundated with information coming from all angles at every moment of the day and night.
Top 5 ways startups can use design to gain market share
Top 5 Ways Startups Can Use Design to Gain Market Share
Design is what drives a startup’s brand, distinguishes it from the competition, and helps carve out market share.
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Go with the Pros: 6 Reasons Why Professional Website Designers Are Worth It
It’s hard to imagine running a modern business that does not have an online presence. After all, informative, accessible websites are something customers expect. If you’re looking to put up a webpage, you’ve got two options..
Creating an eCommerce Funnel to Maximize Conversions
Many e-commerce companies struggle in building an eCommerce funnel that is streamlined and perpetually engaging to maximize conversions.
Embracing the Importance of UX/UI Design
Brands must ensure that the design of their technology enhances the values embodied in both its "UX" and "UI" characteristics.
Creating a Startup Website that Makes Money
Investing time and effort into the structure of your website can make the difference between growing beyond the startup phase or fading into obscurity.
How to develop a new product around an unknown concept
Developing a product around an unknown concept is a long-term process that needs to be approached in a very specific way.