CES 2016 – Health & Wellness, Fitness, Supplements

At CES this past week, there were a few spaces that really showcased innovative thinking and products centered around making our lives better, including the fitness, health & wellness and supplement spaces. All products in these areas aimed to make us more productive and efficient in taking care of our bodies as well as living less stressful lifestyles. The focus of the companies in the fitness space was setting themselves apart from the other companies in the industry by offering unique features or spins on the fitness products of the past. The health & wellness space was really focused on the consumer, and those companies focused on creating products that solve problems dealing with aspects of our lives that we tend to overlook. Lastly, the up-and-coming supplement technology space focused on ensuring that we get all of the things we need to live a healthy lifestyle in a way that complements our daily lifestyle.


Health & Wellness Products

Sen.se’s Peanut

The Sen.se Peanut offers a multitude of utility in your everyday lives. Each peanut is designed to alert you to a different thing that you might overlook in your day to day life. There are currently 6 different peanuts available now–each with a specific feature such as temperature monitoring, medication reminders, sleep monitoring, and security. Each peanut pairs with your smartphone and sends you the appropriate alert. The first six Peanuts will be available in spring 2016, and are available to reserve for $29 each here.

Hidrate Spark’s Smart Water Bottle


The Hidrate Spark smart water bottle is designed to aid you in making sure that you are properly hydrated throughout your day. Perhaps the simplest device in the category, the Hidrate Spark bottle pairs with an app to track how much water you drink in a day. It can set a goal for you and monitor your consumption. If you haven’t met your goals, the bottle will also begin to glow to alert you to drink more water. The Hidrate Spark water bottle is available to pre-order here for $59.95, and will ship in March.

Belty’s Good Vibes

Belty’s Good Vibes is the first smart belt for those who don’t want to wear something around their wrists and want to track their health in style. Belty works best when you are walking, climbing inclines like stairs, and sitting. While walking, it will encourage you to increase your rhythm, while climbing it will encourage you to be more dynamic, and while sitting it will remind you to stand and to drink water. In addition, it will also monitor your breathing and recommend when you mind need to recharge and take a nap. The belt communicates with you through vibrations and through tapping on the buckle. The Belty app pairs with the belt so you can get more in depth info about yourself and your habits. The Belty Good Vibes is crafted in France from high end leather to create a more fashionable option for tracking your health.

The Levl Device

The Levl device takes a different approach to helping you lose weight. It uses your breath to tell you what is going on inside your body and when your body is burning fat. The Levl device allows you to see if your lifestyle changes are actually making an impact on your body, and can also tell you when you are most primed to burn fat. The Levl device pairs with the Levl app in order to show you your progress over time. The device will be available in 2016.


Products – Fitness

Bragi’s Dash

bragi_dash_black_explosionThe Bragi Dash completely wireless smart headphones offer much more utility than your standard wireless headphones. These headphones can store up to 4 GB of music, connect with your favorite fitness apps to track your activity, can be used as a headset for phone calls, and on top of all of that are waterproof in up to 1 m of water. They also sport a unique case which acts as the charging port for the headphones, which are charged separately and have their own batteries in them. The case can charge these 3-hour-lasting headphones up to 5 times before needing to be replaced. The Bragi Dash headphones are available for pre-order for $299, and are estimated to ship in February.

OMsignal’s OMbra

The OMbra is a continuation of the trend of smart garments focusing on women in fitness. The OMbra contains sensors that track your activity as you work out to give you feedback on the progress you are making. It can connect to your smartphone and most fitness apps out there so that all of your fitness data is held in one place. Its design promises to be able to fit even while your body is changing, and the sensors are hidden enough for you not to notice them. Among other things, the app will notify you when to kick it into gear and get moving, when to rest and when to take it easy. The OMbra will be available in Spring 2016.

Withings Go

The Withings Go fitness tracker brings a cleaner, simpler look and feel to the fitness wearable scene. it is able to accomplish this through the use of E Ink technology which is similar to the displays on Pebble’s watches paired with the its simple design theme. The Withings Go tracks activities such as walking, running, swimming and sleeping and gives you a very concise summary of your events within its app. One of the most remarkable things about the Withings Go is its battery life–which clocks in at 8 months, due to the use of a coin cell battery.

Under Armour Healthbox

The Under Armour Healthbox is a fitness kit that is poised to be your one-stop-shop for living a healthy lifestyle. The kit includes a scale, a wristband and a chest band, all of which combine to track all aspects of your lifestyle in the Under Armor Healthbox mobile app. The Healthbox mobile app is centered around 4 pillars of a healthy lifestyle, which are nutrition, sleep, activity and fitness. The wristband, scale, and chest band are used to track sleep, activity and fitness, and for tracking nutrition the Healthbox calls on the help of a widely known nutrition tracker in myfitnesspal. The $400 Healthbox is available for pre-order here and is estimated to ship mid-February.

Sensoria Smart Sock Bundle

The Sensoria Smart Sock bundle is a product made for everyone in the running community from the seasoned runner to the novice runner. The bundle comes with a pair of smart socks and an anklet that connects directly to the sock that houses the sensors needed to track all aspects of your run. The sock and anklet pair with an app that tracks things like your heart rate, cadence, foot landing, distance, calories burned, and more. In addition to tracking your run, the app also includes a virtual coach that will analyze your run data in real time and give you feedback on how you’re doing and motivate you to push yourself further. The Sensoria Smart Sock bundle is available here, starting at $199.

Ironova’s Iro

The Ironova Iro is a fitness tracking wristband that takes a unique spin on the fitness tracking community. The Iro is centered around gamification in that a large part of its usage is geared towards challenging your friends as well as brand ambassadors to see who can be healthier. There is a grading system built into the Iro so you can check how you’re doing at any point in your day as well as a series of badges to unlock through challenges. Ironova’s Iro is banking on the natural competitiveness in people to propel their product forward in the fitness tracking scene.

Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is the newest model from one of the most experienced fitness tracking companies in the industry. The Blaze is not just your run of the mill fitness tracker with a larger screen, it has added features like call/text/calendar alert capabilities, music storage, workout goals and summaries, seep tracking, Purepulse heart rate monitoring and now even built in on screen workouts with Fitstar. The Blaze boasts a 5 day battery life and customizable clock faces so you can make your Blaze your own. The Fitbit app gives you a more in depth look at your activities, nutrition, sleep, and the ability to share your progress with your friends. The Fitbit Blaze is available for pre-order here for $199.

Mira Fitness Bracelet













The Mira Bracelet comes standard with all of the things you’d expect from a fitness bracelet – activity tracking, water resistance, personalized boosts, and app connectivity, but it does feature one thing that the others don’t – truly beautiful, elegant design. The Mira Bracelet is designed as if it were a piece of jewelry. It will stand out and prompt people to ask you about it, and when you tell them that it is a fitness tracker you can watch the surprise on their faces. The Mira Bracelet is available here starting at $169.


Products – Supplements

LifeFuels Smart Bottle

The LifeFuels smart nutrition bottle is attempting to revolutionize the way in which people use supplements. Using Keurig-like container technology, the LifeFuels bottle is loaded up with up to 5 pods containing different types of supplements chosen by the consumer. A few of the supplements offered include a pre-workout supplement, vitamin supplements, proteins, and water flavorings. The bottle can connect with your iPhone via the LifeFuels app, and from the app you can choose which pod you wish to dispense from. The app will also track your activity and give you suggestions on which supplement to dispense based on your activity data. The bottle itself also has an interface for you to use it without an iPhone. It also features wireless charging which lasts for a few days based on usage. The LifeFuels bottle is coming soon, and you can sign up for updates here.














It seems as though the companies in all three categories are striving to achieve the same thing – namely the ability to help people live healthier lives without them knowing it. They know that the moment that these products become too invasive and too lifestyle altering, people will stop using them. It’s important that the products in these categories don’t infringe upon people living their lives or worrying too much about the thing on their wrists. All of these products were designed to improve people’s lives, not bring more stress to them. This complete subtlety hasn’t been achieved yet, but from what we saw at CES 2016, we are well on our way.