Competitors Unite

Now more than ever, people are showing greater concern for their safety and security. This is a result of hackers and security breaches becoming more commonplace. While many would believe that technological advances and encryption today makes information more secure, hackers and identity thieves have used this technology to their advantage as well.

Consumers are not the only ones being affected by technological advances and bypassed security. Many companies in the high technology industry have found that other companies had been stealing source codes – increasing the tension between competitors.

However, most recently many of the high technology industry titans including Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft joined forces to create an encrypted email server that all three would be able to use on their email platforms: Y! Mail, GMail, and Live Hotmail.  Developers at Facebook, the world’s most widely used social media platform, have launched the TODO project. TODO stands for “Talk Openly, Develop Openly”, which promotes open-source development between competitors.  This project was so well received that Google, Twitter, Walmart Labs, Dropbox, and several other tech companies have moved toward the open-source format. The open-source movement has fostered collaboration to make bigger, better, and more innovative solutions.

The separate predicaments both consumers and companies have been put in are not as far off as the outsider may think. Consumers are often at risk for identity theft when companies get their source code hacked or stolen. The open-source movement has resulted in not only more collaboration, but the professional developers working together are able to more easily identify when code has been improperly manipulated and can make the appropriate repairs.

Who would’ve thought that working together would be the biggest victory for competitors?