Consumers Can Revolutionize an Industry

Cars are becoming infused with more technology than ever before. One automobile manufacturer is using technology to improve not only its cars but the consumer experience. Tesla Motors, an automobile manufacturer that produces fully electric vehicles, does not use traditional marketing or advertising to reach future consumers but rather consumer marketing. Consumer marketing focuses on how consumers can benefit from their products and how consumers talk to other consumers about the benefits of owning such products, in this case a Tesla Motors automobile.

Tesla uses cutting edge technology and innovation to put itself at the forefront of the automobile industry – cars that feature sleek designs and run on long-lasting electric batteries. However, Tesla wants to be more than an automaker, they want to be an industry icon for consumers, in turn helping to market their products.

Tesla has been able to achieve strong consumer support because they have a vision and mission that resonates with its consumers and has created a large following for interest in their automobiles. In addition Tesla automobiles are only allowed to be sold in certain states because of this approach.  The Tesla Motors approach removes the “middle man” or the car dealership that takes their “cut” of the sales proceeds.

Manufacturers like Tesla are revolutionizing the automobile industry in every way imaginable.  This includes everything from the sales interaction to the consumer satisfaction to the marketing strategy to the technology and innovation implemented in newer cars and even more. For these automakers technology has only helped in their quest to become the next “it” brand and one that will last. For Tesla, the best is only getting better.