Craft meets Tech: Teforia masters the art of connected Tea

The global market for tea is second in the world only to water. Allen Han, the founder of Teforia, discovered this shortly after realizing that the tea market is largely underserviced, especially when compared with coffee. While coffee has long been the focus of the hot beverage industry–with artisanal coffee shops on every corner and home brewing devices like the Keurig–tea ends up on the back burner.

While most coffee shops do offer tea, they don’t put the same focus on tea as coffee. And while some shops focus solely on the tea experience, they aren’t always accessible–so most tea enthusiasts brew their own tea from the comfort of their homes. The most popular home brewing device for tea currently is the primitive kettle, which makes brewing tea at home more difficult than it needs to be since precise temperature is crucial to brewing a good tea. Teforia aims to level the playing field by providing those home-brewed tea enthusiasts with a modern solution for brewing that perfect cup of their favorite tea.

Tea like you've never tasted before.

Teforia is designed to be an elegant, modern and simple device that provides a customized at-home tea brewing experience. The device itself consists of a wifi connected base, which holds water and is responsible for precisely heating it and controlling the infuser; the infusion globe, which holds the tea leaves and brews the tea; and the double-walled carafe, which pops out after the tea is finished brewing and is ready to serve.

The base uses wifi to connect to the internet to determine the optimal temperature of the water and time for brewing based on the type of tea you select using the app. Currently Teforia has partnered with three leading tea brands that craft teas specifically for the its device. If you are not using one of the teas in the Teforia app library, you can answer a series of questions about the tea you are using and the base will use its internet connection to attempt to determine what type of tea you wish to brew. Once it determines the type of tea, it will allow you to personalize the recipe and save the recipe in the app. The easy-to-clean, stain resistant infusion globe pops out so that you can pour the tea leaves into it, then locks back into place to start the brewing process. Once the brewing starts, the base determines how long the hot water should stay in the globe before it is evacuated into the carafe. Once brewing is completed, the infusion globe releases the tea into the double-walled carafe and is ready to pour.

Teforia_t4The device pairs with the Teforia app which features a series of controls for the device, information regarding the teas themselves, tea suggestions based on your current usage, and a social tab where you can browse recipes or share your recipes with other tea lovers. Teforia lets you personalize your favorite tea by adjusting parameters like antioxidant levels, caffeine levels, and aspects of taste and upon brewing you are able to save your recipe for future use. You can also use the app to learn more about tea masters and explore the cultures and traditions surrounding the selected tea.


This craft-meets-tech theme is spilling over into other industries as well. Companies are using tech to make high-end experiences available for everyone to enjoy. In the case of Teforia, it’s the experience of having utterly perfect tea at the touch of a button. As this trend continues to grow consumers around the world will be able to have these rich experiences with luxurious products that were once limited to some lucky few.