Digital Talent: How to Build your Digital Team

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In a previous blog post  we gave you the tools to kickstart your digital enterprise.  This week we will go over the necessary capabilities/positions to make sure your enterprise doesn’t become the next Yahoo!  Digital talent is the most important aspect of digital integration, it takes time to develop the necessary skills to be successful, and it takes determination as you must constantly adapt to the newest digital trends.  Below we will discuss what roles you will need, and what capabilities they will need to posses.

Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Digital Transformation Consultation Schedule Now

There are countless positions you can hire, depending on your current level of digital capabilities and digital talent, but the most necessary, in the accelerating climate, is the Digital Transformation Leader.  Digital Transformation Leaders work directly with management teams, and lead the effort that will handle your digital evolution.  Successful transformation leaders have the right blend of design, technology, and business acumen.  It is their responsibility to build a roadmap and define the metrics that ultimately determine how your efforts are shaping out.  They become the champion within your organization and are responsible for developing the overall roadmap of your transformation.   Ideally they need to have a strong internal network that allows them to find the right digital talent in-house, talent which is suited for the task.   

On the technical side a Digital Architect will be your most valuable player.  Digital architects will handle the enormous task of designing your digital enterprise.  While the Transformation Leader handles the general strokes, or the vision, the architect is responsible for the minutia and creating the blueprint for your digital services. They will gather and provide the technical requirements and design the infrastructure necessary for your digital services to be functional. With customer experience in mind, they will shape your digital services in order to increase profitability, revenue, and ultimately give you the edge in the ever changing digital landscape.  Since they will be focused on customer experience, they will need to be versed in many fields in order to best meet customer needs.  Like a general contractor the Architect must be well versed in various technologies but they should also have a strong internal and external network so that they can onboard the best resources.

The vendor manager, a traditional position has had new life breathed into, and  because of the digital revolution it is being elevated to a new position, the Partner Relationship Manager.  To build your company’s digital capabilities, a great deal of digital talent in technology and services will be required, and the person responsible for acquiring all these resources will be the Relationship Manager.  Before the digital revolution the manager used to be a static position.  However, the Relationship Manager is now a dynamic role, that must adapt to the ever changing needs of your company’s digital products.  For example, with the modern iterative cycle of software development, a Relationship Manager will need to scale the resources after every cycle, which means that they will need to ensure flexible contracts with vendors that can be altered depending on the projects constantly changing needs. Also, as their projects develop, they will need to onboard new talent, whose skills meet the needs of the project,and because of the ever shifting requirements, for your products, their contracts’ length will need to be flexible.  The Manager will need to be meticulous as they will have to organize all the documentation for the contracts, and make sure that all vendors/service providers are paid in a timely fashion.  Also, to help the Manager with their dynamic role, a digital onboarding system will be beneficial.  The onboarding system will ease the burden of the Partner Relationship Manager, and save your company the cost of having to pay for hair plugs, when your Manager loses their hair from stress.  If you are interested in more on the subject this article by Forrester is a great place to start.

These positions are just the start for your digital infrastructure.  In order to truly become digital capable you will need the right culture to make certain that your talent lives up to its full potential.  

Next week’s blog post will discuss why culture, and mindsets, matter to your digital capabilities.

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