Dreams Sprout Into 3D Reality

Many of the world’s inventions come from the unlikeliest of places. When people fall asleep, their bodies are receiving well-earned rest, but their minds are busy at work thinking of the latest and greatest ideas through dreams and visions. Today, more than ever before, people are able to bring their ideas to life. The emergence of 3D technologies, and recently the HP Sprout have been instrumental in not only delivering these solutions to large companies, but to the average consumer as well.

Everyone has dreams and visions of what they want–everyone from infants to seniors. Depending on age and interests, choices may vary, but for the first time ever people of all ages have the ability to have what they want and be in control in large part due to the emergence of 3D technologies. Hewlett-Packard launched a video ad campaign in conjunction with the release of the HP Sprout that shows anyone of any age can get back in touch with their creative side using HP’s latest device.

The Silicon Valley tech giant embarked on a journey to complement or even improve upon existing technologies, and the end product has come to fruition with the HP Sprout. The latest device is an all-in-one 3D scanner, editor, and printer. This do-it-all peripheral device allows users to modify existing objects through computer programs and then print the updated design.

Users can upload anything that will fit on the scanner–coffee mugs, shoes, toys and more–to prepare for editing. Once the image is uploaded it can be digitally rendered through an accompanying program and then printed from the all-in-one device.. This allows consumers to see the end result if they were to actually modify one of their possessions.

Hewlett-Packard’s latest development is the first of its kind, all-in-one, device. However, most importantly, it is geared toward the home user. Previous 3D technologies have been limited in capability or the price point was too high for individual consumers–limiting access to the super wealthy, or large companies and organizations. Sprout’s fair price point, the all-in-one technology, and the ease of use make the Sprout useful to people of all ages.

HP Sprout aims to build on existing technologies bringing a superior user experience to consumers of all ages. This development gives users the ability to scan, edit, and print 3D objects in one place. This a tremendous benefit to the average consumer, as Hewlett-Packard’s consumer-friendly price point will allow individuals to buy and use this new device. For the first time ever, individuals can truly make their dreams a reality.