EMSense Is A Touch Of The Future

Today, seemingly everything can be connected wirelessly, either to a smartphone application or to other devices. Connected devices–ranging from home security systems to thermostats and other home essentials–work over a smartphone application or Bluetooth, enabling users to have remote access to their devices.

The smart technology behind these connected devices enables users to have full control over household items even while they are away. EMSense, or electromagnetic sense, is the latest advancement in the smart technology industry. However, it differentiates itself from other smart products by being the bridge between smart technology and “non-smart” devices.

The first iteration of EMSense relies on the smart watch. Apple, Samsung, and many other brands have each developed their own smart watches equipped with many of a cell phone’s basic functions including calling and texting. EMSense is a small chip that is inserted into a smart watch. The chip senses electromagnetic waves being transferred when humans touch everyday objects. This chip is able to bring “life” to appliances, devices, and even windows and doors; things people use every day.

The small chip is able to integrate smart and “non-smart” devices using your body as an antenna for electromagnetic wave detection through things you touch. The inexpensive chip seeks electricity conductors to determine possible future actions. Proponents of the chip point out that there are several practical uses for EMSense. These include an watch timer synchronized with an electric toothbrush, or calendar notifications when you open the office door. The possibilities are endless.
EMSense seeks to revolutionize the smart technology industry, providing a link between “smart” and “non-smart” devices and bringing the two together. For the affordable price of just $10, consumers can insert this chip into their smart watches and become exposed to a whole new level of connectedness. In the future, chips such as EMSense will have full integration with all electronic-conducting devices to give consumers a fully connected experience.