Human Interaction is Reshaping Business Strategies

For years, it was believed that the best marketing strategy for businesses was to design a pitch to sell to an organization as a whole. Marketers have long focused on using models such as business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and consumer to consumer (C2C). However, marketing experts are re-thinking these traditional models as a new model emerges. A new marketing strategy, human to human (H2H), has been proven effective as a result of the personal connection that is formed throughout the duration of a sales cycle–which can take weeks or even months.

A leading marketing expert, Bryan Kramer, Social Business Strategist and CEO of PureMatter, has authored a book titled Human to Human #H2H, which discusses how human to human marketing is significantly more effective than previous methods. According to his book, the four building blocks of H2H marketing are: the four rules of social context, human sensory building, developing great ideas, and how to be “delightfully disruptive.”

Kramer’s first point emphasizes that it is not content–but rather context–that draws audiences in, because many people can relate to the same experiences. However, context can vary between audiences which can make it difficult for organizations to deliver a clear message in the sales process. Understanding your audience on a human level helps to deliver concise messaging that is also in context.

Sensory building highlights the importance of simply being “human.” The H2H model promotes the importance of using three of the five main senses–sight, touch and listening–to develop a real, lasting relationship with a human, which in turn helps to create a loyal and trustworthy customer base.

H2H marketing also promotes creating great ideas that are “crowd worthy.” Kramer describes creating a “crowd-worthy” idea as taking a basic idea with a structured plan and using the energy of the crowd to deliver a solution. The most important aspect of crowd worthiness is inviting others to share in the big event or idea and building momentum that generates an even larger audience.

One example of being “delightfully disruptive” is one blogger’s vision to make a little boy’s dream a reality. Using a “crowd worthy” action plan, the blogger was able to activate social media channels to the story drawing in thousands of viewers, including the President of the United States. It was delightful in the sense that it was a heartwarming story, but disruptive in the sense that consumers stopped what they were doing to learn about this story whether it was reading articles or watching videos.

Placing tremendous value on the personal connection, human to human marketing allows marketers to appeal to the most basic instincts of buyers. Whether in a B2B or B2C environment, ultimately a sale is being brokered between individuals–so it is more important to tailor the presentation and pitch to the individuals. This is done by connecting with these individuals on a personal level which includes being authentic, appealing to emotions, and making yourself relatable to their situation. People that can relate to a similar experience will not only have understanding but also form a sense of trust with one another, ultimately resulting in a sale.