Over The Air Console Provides Alternative For Casual Gamers

Generations of gamers have long been accustomed to using a controller that attaches to the video game console set to play the games. The latest developments in technology have facilitated playing these games with no controllers or traditional consoles, but rather smartphones and computers. AirConsole, a browser-based games platform, is targeted toward the casual gamer–one who wants to do something interactive with a group of friends without the need for a gaming console.

AirConsole’s gaming platform is an “over the air” console, using smartphones and laptops or desktop computers that are linked wirelessly through a code. This new platform is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, so users do not need to be familiar with a specific gaming system, but rather their own smartphone or tablet.

The browser-based gaming platform targets the casual gamer. A group of friends can get together and start up a game. Since there is no actual console or controllers, an unlimited number of players can participate at one time, and there is no transporting of consoles or controllers. The ability to have an unlimited number of players is a huge because often times in large groups, only up to four players can play traditional video games at one time and the others are left sitting and watching. This is also a tremendous upgrade over smartphone only games, which typically involve one player on their smartphone. AirConsole is meant to be enjoyed by larger groups on larger screens, including PC’s, laptops, or even TV’s using an HDMI cable.

AirConsole is a great alternative for the casual gamer who wants to play a simple game and include everyone in the group. However, the game selection is currently very limited. An expanded game selection will significantly improve AirConsole’s ability to penetrate the video game market for the casual gamer. The use of a smartphone as the controller is a welcome addition because almost everyone carries one in their pocket now. For AirConsole it is like having the controller in your pocket ready to go at any time.

This new platform is set to make waves among casual gamers in the video game industry.  Using a laptop or desktop computer linked to players’ smartphones is a huge benefit to those casual gamers who want to engage in a quick competition. Safe to say, with more games being released in the near future, AirConsole could be a game changer.