Relive Sounds of the Past, Hear in the Future

Every day it seems more and more people are wearing headphones; most people wear them while travelling or exercising. While headphones are great to shield listeners from the world around them, they fail to deliver a sound that accurately mimics true human hearing. Recently, Binauric, a German audio company, has released its newest product called OpenEars. The company’s latest project aims to bring binaural sound, microphones over both ears, to capture and simulate the true human listening experience. Prior to OpenEars, sounds played in headphones were recorded using a single microphone, which is not an authentic representation of hearing.

Binaural SE’s latest development is an advancement on prior technology. The two microphone sound capturing system has been in existence for quite some time, but often it was far too clunky to be a practical solution. The OpenEars headphones allow users to hear sounds in real time. For example, if a train is passing on someone’s right, the right ear will hear the sound before the left ear even if it is only a fraction of a second. Existing one microphone headphones have both ears hear the sounds at the same time, which is not symbolic of a genuine auditory environment.

The ability to hear sounds or recordings in both ears at different times, even slightly, is a tremendous move forward for experts in the audio industry. The German audio giant’s newest creation comes out at a time where virtual reality systems are becoming better equipped to deliver true simulations of real experiences. There is reason to believe that the OpenEars headphones will be a great add-on to the VR experiences currently being offered from Samsung, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

Binauric OpenEars aims to deliver a real sound experience through two small microphones located on the outer ear that can capture sounds and waves as they hit the ear for future playback. One of the biggest benefits of future playback is the ability to relive memories of the past. For many families, home videos and pictures are the only ways they can bring back old memories–and the OpenEars headphones authentic experience will bring users back to the exact moment and hear the words they way they were spoken.

OpenEars is a tremendous step forward in the advancement of audio VR systems. This is only the first step for hearing simulators– all signs point to full integration with visual VR systems in the future to present a realistic experience. But most of all, the biggest benefit is the ability to go back in time and relive the greatest moments of the past as we head into the future.