Simplify Your Messaging

Effective messaging is paramount to the success of a company or organization, and appropriately defining and communicating the right messages to your customers is critical in achieving the desired result. Many companies, however, struggle to to cut through the clutter and resonate with their customer base. Marketing experts believe that most companies should simplify their messaging–so that today’s busy customers can quickly gain a greater understanding of a company’s mission, products and services. In a 140 character limit world, simple messaging is a quick takeaway that most customers have come to expect.

The simple messaging strategy has a number of benefits. A simple, clear message defining the features or benefits of a product or service can be the difference between a customer making a purchase or leaving a site or store. When product offerings aren’t clear to potential buyers, they experience The Paradox of Choice. One experiment conducted by the Columbia University Business School involved pots of jam on tables in groups of either six or 24. Nearly one-third of those who were given six choices bought some jam. However of those faced with 24 choices, only 3 percent made a purchase. This is a perfect example of too many choices leading to stress and indecision. People often become overwhelmed when there is too much choice and can walk away without making a purchase.

Customers are more likely to interact with a product or service with messaging that portrays benefits they can quickly understand. Once consumers are compelled to set foot in a store or log on to a website, it is important to not only keep them engaged but entice them to buy something in order to drive business and increase the bottom line. A typical customer may be torn between two of your products and have to choose just one–and clear, concise messaging makes it easy for customers to see the differences in functionality of two products.

In order to create effective communication between the business and the customer, be concise. Think about the pacing, tone and structure of your messaging that will create a simple, positive experience for your customer:

Pace your messaging.

The pacing and structure of the messaging plays a key role in information processing. Effective user experience is achieved when messages are paced well. Determining what is most important and organizing information in a visually appealing, organized manner is critical to success.

Tone is just as important.

A message can be interpreted in multiple ways dependent on the tone. While any tone is acceptable, it is imperative to use one that matches the desired feeling, target audience, and design to create a positive, unified experience.

Clarity may be the most important of all.  

A user experience that guides the user into doing exactly what is presented is the best way to create an effective message. Clear messages leave no ambiguity and tell the customer exactly what a product does and how it can benefit them.

Ultimately, business happens when customers feel comfortable with a company and understand the product or service. A strong and effective message is one that is concise and can create rapport with customers, showing that they understand exactly what their needs are. Businesses able to directly interact with consumers are able to communicate with them in a more personal way than ever before, but despite the evolution of marketing strategy, one thing remains constant: be concise.