Smart Devices Highlight New Gadgets in 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, and we get ready to bring in a new year, we’ve begun to reflect on all that has happened in the tech world over the last twelve months. Smart technology took a big leap, and several other devices were introduced for the first time that could revolutionize the technology landscape. New gadgets released this past year should set the table for a new landscape of things to come in 2016.

This year, connected devices have become more prevalent than ever before. As a result of recent improvements in smart technology, the Internet of Things (IOT), or an entire ecosystem of interconnected devices has emerged. Many smart devices today are able to interact with each other seamlessly creating a unique and unparalleled experience for consumers. Several smart devices work wirelessly or even remotely, so users are always connected even when they are far away. Some of the most popular smart devices are the Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, and One Smart Piano.

The Apple Watch allows iPhone users to access some of the phone’s functions from the watch, and is becoming an increasingly popular way to receive notifications and perform simple tasks. Amazon Echo, a portable Bluetooth speaker, responds to human voice commands to perform tasks, including playing music through a variety of apps; delivering information including news, sports, traffic and weather; facilitating shopping lists and online ordering via Amazon, and can even control other IOT devices.

Music enthusiasts love One Smart Piano. This piano has many features of a traditional piano, but it also allows players to connect an iOS or Android device to watch tutorials while playing. The software used to play the videos is integrated with the piano so that LED lights above the keys illuminate when they are supposed to be pressed in the sequence.

Many other devices made their debuts in 2015. These include virtual reality systems like Samsung Gear VR, and others such as Google OnHub, the iPhone 6S and Google Nexus 6P cell phones.

Samsung Gear VR is a joint effort between Samsung and Facebook, who initially launched the Oculus VR system. The partnership between Samsung and Facebook to develop Gear VR is designed to build on and improve on the existing capabilities of Oculus VR while allowing users to connect the Gear VR to select Samsung mobile devices.

Google OnHub is a wireless router with enhanced signal strength. This means greater Wi-Fi connection and a higher speed; a tremendous benefit in the information age. Apple’s iPhone 6S and and Google’s Nexus 6P are the competitors’ latest installments in the race to build the latest and greatest cell phone. Both phones boast outstanding cameras, and the newest iPhone even integrates touch sensor technology.

In 2016, consumers can expect smart technology to improve even further. This could mean and should mean full integration between smart devices and other “non-smart” devices. Many experts believe these devices will become more accurate and useful through the implementation of sensors and better AI systems.

In the technology world, the future is always bright and 2015 was no exception. The development of smart technologies and other new devices is just the beginning for bigger things to come in 2016. In the next year these devices should have full integration and responsive to more complex human commands. In the new year, we believe that smart technology will only continue to get smarter.