GenAI Beverage Development
Crafting Winning Beverage Flavors with GenAI
In the competitive beverage market, providing superior customer experiences is key. Generative AI offers companies a powerful tool to innovate flavors, customize products, and rapidly bring new offerings to market – keeping them ahead of evolving consumer preferences.
Microsoft’s 2024 Work Trend Index Report: AI Poised to Reshape the Workplace
The evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace is more significant than ever. AI is not just altering how tasks are performed, but also enhancing employee creativity and productivity. The report highlights that while AI helps manage overwhelming workloads and fosters a more enjoyable work environment, it also presents new challenges in terms of integration and balancing human and machine collaboration.
Dry or Damp? The sober-curious drive change in the beverage market.
One New Year’s resolution that’s always found in January of course abstaining from alcohol. Read on to learn more about Dry January, Damp January and how beverage brands are responding to the sober curious movement.
RTD Canned Cocktails Explode in Popularity
The era of hard seltzers is over. The latest craze to hit the beverage market? Canned Cocktails. Ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails were the fastest-growing spirits category last year, with $1.6 billion in revenue.
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Technology Trends for 2019
Technology Trends Uncovered When it comes to looking at digital transformation–especially as the world becomes more interconnected thanks to ever-increasing technology–professionals realize that it’s no longer just a technological shift, but an intersectional paradigm shift. In other words, as technology...