Technology Can Save A Life

As our population grows older, people are living longer than ever before due to better living conditions. This has led to population growth–but in turn, a scarcity in available and affordable healthcare for many patients who are in desperate need of assistance. For many patients, the wait is nearly over as technology and innovation is soon expected to bring much greater health care access and affordability.


Wearable technology and smart products are positioned to be in huge demand for aging patients. The technology of the new wearables is becoming so advanced, it is able to track key metrics such as heart rate and stress levels. Future versions are expected to log vitals that can be transferred to a computer, smartphone, or tablet so both the doctor and patient have instant access to the information. Instant access gives the doctors the ability to diagnose a problem or modify a patient’s care without having to wait for their next appointment, which most certainly could be the difference in saving a life.


The cost of wearables and smart technology is also shrinking. Certainly, there are higher short term costs to implement these innovative solutions, but in the long term costs are lower as doctors will now be able to make changes to patients’ medical plan instantly, if necessary.


Not only are health care and technology companies creating these products, but the consumer demand for wearables and other smart technology is high. Consumers and patients are very interested in these innovative concepts because of their ease of use and accessibility. Using wearables, patients would no longer have to wait for an appointment with their doctor to make the call to change a prescription or a course of action to combat health issues.  Having access to a doctor can be an instant morale boost for patients who seek reassurance, and can also provide patients with background or education on their condition.
Using wearables and smart technology will be a huge boon for patients in the near future. It will increase the access and affordability of health care and provide instant access to their doctor or specialist. This will become particularly useful for tech-immersed Generation X individuals who will be taking care of their aging parents in coming years. Wearables and smart technology will change health care as we know it for the better, and the results of innovation will leave a lasting impact on generations to come.