Users Drive App Success

Every day new apps appear in the Apple iTunes App Store. Every free and paid application launched is

dependent on acquiring users who will download and continue to use the app. Acquiring these users is critical to creating revenue, showing the value of your application to other customers, potential sponsors, and is important in creating targeted advertising. The competition is fierce–currently there are over one million apps available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store, each striving to increase their user base and hoping that their app is one that will be successful.

Getting users from the correct target audience can sometimes be a struggle. Marketing experts have found that one of the best ways to acquire users is by targeting just the right customer through advertisements within other free apps they use. Many of the free Apps in the App Store include numerous advertisements, and for companies this means they are reaching the right audience, not just any audience. Using these customized, targeted advertisements within apps a certain customer is already familiar with can increase the level of trust consumers have in downloading and using new and unfamiliar apps.

When more people use an app, more information is being analyzed and delivered to app developers so that they can deliver content consumers want to see. Not only does that help an app deliver relevant content to the customer, but it also helps to deliver more targeted advertisements that appeal to consumers. The more relevant, targeted information delivered to a customer, the more the user is apt to become engaged with the app.

Engagement is also critical in delivering a useful application. The most successful applications are generally very interactive or offer a customized experience. It is no secret that engagement drives usage. People feel a sense of connection or trust with apps that give them the targeted information they want. Most people have dozens of apps installed on their smartphones and tablets, but consistently use only a few. This is because some apps offer a good short term experience but do not offer long-term connectedness that keeps users interested.

As the app stores on Apple and even Google Play continue to grow, developers understand how critical user acquisition and retention is to app success. Finding the right target audience and delivering a personalized message through targeted content and advertising is often what makes or breaks an app. The successful apps are the ones that engage users and keep them coming back for more. Next time you install an app on your smartphone or tablet, check out the content and the advertisements. You’ll see things you like, and app developers are betting that will keep you coming back for more.