Why Wear It When You Can Hear It? The Next Big Thing

Over the past year, the wearable technology industry has seen immense growth. Leading companies such as Apple, Garmin, Nike, and Samsung have already experimented with wearables, and several experts believe that the newest phenomenon could work in tandem with the thriving wearables market.

Wearable technology, primarily used for health and fitness functions, has become widely popular with today’s emphasis on health and fitness. This includes everything from eating right to exercising an adequate amount daily to achieve optimal health. Wearables are a relatively new technology so they have been adopted by some age groups but others are just catching on. A new technology aims to build on the success of wearables and revolutionize the link between fitness, health, and technology.

Hearable technology is the latest innovation in the technology industry. Hearables aim to record pertinent health and fitness data through headphones. While the two could function together, experts believe consumers will be more receptive to hearable technology because they are already using headphones during workouts or while running, as opposed to additional gadgets on the arm.

One North Carolina based technology and electronics company, Valencell, is one of the pioneers of the hearables industry. Valencell has developed their own headphones – the earbud ones – with a sensor that can connect to smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth. These headphones are available for purchase through many electronics retailers.

Working in tandem, hearables to record, and wearables to display health and fitness data, among other information, hearable technology allows for the recording of the same information found in wearable technology. Researchers find that hearables could be more successful because ears have a limited motion, which would give more accurate readings. A shaky arm could impact a reading on a wearable technology device.

Initially, wearable technology was seen as the future, however, hearables and wearables seemingly make a great partnership, between the recording and display options. Hearable technology allows consumers to simultaneously listen to music while recording relevant health and fitness statistics, without the need for an additional device. For people who like to exercise while listening to music, the hearable technology industry has found the perfect consumer.