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Enabling human connection,
amplifying community

Double A Labs is a catalyst for human connection through technology; bridging the gap between the virtual world and reality. They’ve developed an immersive, multimedia communication platform that enables users to collaborate through any means— including video, messaging, whiteboarding, polls, and games—making work more productive and fun! ⁠

Miro meets YouTube meets Zoom meets the Metaverse.

In collaboration with Double A Lab’s Product Delivery Team, we first researched and defined the challenges around remote ways of working, including maintaining culture within a team.

One thing became clear: the virtual meeting room needed a reboot.


Collaborating closely with DoubleALabs, our design team helped refining their brand identity, seamlessly aligning it with the company’s updated vision. By capturing the essence of their transformative immersive solutions, we created a refreshed brand identity that reflects their innovative and forward-thinking approach


Through our team augmentation model, our UX team seamlessly integrated with DoubleALabs’ development and product teams, resulting in an exceptional experience achieved within a tight timeline. This approach facilitated streamlined coordination, efficient knowledge transfer, and maintained the high level of excellence throughout the project.

Engaging the Senses: Immersive Experience

We partnered with Double A Labs to build an amazing and innovative user experience that captivates and engages. Through meticulous research and user-centric design, we crafted intuitive interfaces and interactive elements that foster meaningful engagement, leaving a lasting impact on users.

Experience at
the forefront.

Collaborating closely with DoubleALabs, we crafted an immersive and engaging user experience for their platform. Emphasizing user-centric design principles, our thoughtful UX approach ensured purposeful and delightful interactions. Users seamlessly explored, interacted, and fully immersed themselves, driving meaningful engagement. The result? Exceptional user experiences that captivated and satisfied.

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