AI Meets Creativity: A New Brand & User Experience

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Create Presentations with AI–
Automated Inspiration.

Kroma is an intelligent platform for professionals with an idea to pitch or present. Kroma is a presentation builder that’s fast, collaborative, and uses the power of AI to optimize for clarity. Kroma combines content, design, and technology to make your presentations more persuasive. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, but underneath the hood, Kroma gives your presentation superpowers, leveraging machine learning, color theory, data visualization, and organizational psychology to help you put out your very best work. It’s predictive, fast, and collaborative. And smart enough to stay out of your way. Kroma isn’t just AI – it’s Automated Inspiration.

A brand new technology brand.

Using the idea of Automated Inspiration, we created a bold and simple approach to the brand identity design using the K as a brand icon. With the addition of custom “comet” iconography–to indicate motion and speed–and bold, fun imagery and illustrations, we combined these elements to create endless opportunities to show the idea of automated inspiration & the idea of creating order in your presentations.

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Our comprehensive brand strategy for was firmly rooted in rigorous consumer and competitive research. The scope of our work was broad, advising on everything from name selection to the finer nuances of brand messaging. The aim was to capture the brand’s innovative spirit, reflecting it in every strategic decision.

We strived to elevate’s position in the AI landscape, distinguishing them through a well-defined and resonant brand.

Driving user experience through design.

Using the elements from the brand identity concept, we designed a custom WordPress site that helped Kroma to fully articulate the product, its uses, and create multiple opportunities for the marketing team to communicate with customers and provide ways for new users to sign up. Once the site was designed, we assisted the Kroma team in selecting over a hundred images for the site and created dozens of custom illustrations to show the ideas behind each feature component.

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UX Design.

We chose a modern, clean layout that reflected the quality and professional grade of the Metagenics products. This design communicated the brand’s high standards and their commitment to excellence.

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UI Design.

We partnered with the Metagenics IT team and software provider to ensure that the design, functionality and page features were translated into a seamless customer experience during the development process.

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