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We collaborated with Spencer Collection to create a full brand identity package, based on the idea of the prismatic nature of light passing through gemstones. From logos to colors to photography art direction, we enjoyed a wonderful creative journey toward a brand that truly reflected the light, fun and beautiful nature of the business.

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Creating eCommerce experiences.

Following the brand identity creation, we designed and developed a highly custom website allowing customers to create personalized portrait jewelry, purchase items from her extensive gemstone and lifestyle collections, and created a collaborative feature that allows customers to create custom necklaces and bracelets encapsulating the idea of Synesthesia, in which letters are seen as colors that are then formulated into customized enamel and gemstone jewelry.

Jewelry Builders

Trackmind collaborated with SpencerCollection to create a groundbreaking Shopify plugin, revolutionizing jewelry customization. Design, preview, and purchase unique pieces effortlessly. The plugin has been a huge success and has helped SpencerCollection increase sales.

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Crafting a modern and sophisticated brand identity, we meticulously designed a visual brand identity for SpencerCollection that resonates with their vision. Our work encapsulates the essence of elegance, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless allure.

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We developed an eCommerce platform to showcase SpencerCollection’s exquisite jewelry collection. Our custom-built Shopify integration ensures a smooth and intuitive shopping journey, empowering customers to effortlessly explore, personalize, and purchase their desired pieces.

a bold new
brand identity.

Our collaboration with Spencer Collection led to the creation of a comprehensive brand identity package, inspired by the captivating interplay of light through gemstones. From logos to colors and photography art direction, we embarked on a delightful creative journey, crafting a brand that authentically radiates the business’s light, joyous, and captivating essence.

The time we have shared discussing the brand has brought me to moments of clarity that I could not have achieved on my own. I am so grateful to rely on your wisdom of experience and great aesthetic style to bring this vision alive. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you so much for your thoughtful direction, and management of this project. Having a beautiful, functional, and impressive website is a dream come true. I feel such comfort in the expertise of each person on this team for their unique talent. The process of working with you and the team has also been enlightening regarding my perspective for my business. Which services are most important, and how to think about selling effectively online. I am so grateful for the personal growth which accompanies this project.


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