Crafting Wellness: A Fresh Approach to eCommerce & Packaging Design

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Embarking on STACKS’ Future-Forward Brand Journey

STACKS focuses on the body’s innate regenerative capacity and rewinding the epigenetic clock. Their first launch, the STACKS nootropic stick pack, is made with high quality ingredients sourced from functional foods that positively affect health beyond basic nutrition–offering both instant enhancements and long-term neuroprotective benefits for your brain.

A cosmic supplement brand

Driven by the concept of simple ingredients, we designed a minimalist brand identity concept, driven by a modern, boutique look and feel. From selection of a deep green color to represent the main ingredient, to photography that represents a healthy lifestyle–we created a cohesive brand that works all along the spectrum, from packaging to the website to social media marketing and beyond.

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eCommerce Design and Development.

Once the brand identity process was complete, we brought the entire brand story to life through the design and development of a custom Shopify website. As One Health was set to launch with a single product, we were able to use the home page to highlight the story, and help the customer better understand and use the product through in-depth science pages and recipe pages that show the customer how to use the product.

Marketing Video.

The packaging design for One Health is based in simplicity, just like the product itself. During the packaging process, we helped the client to align all the product content and present it in a form that stands out among the competition.