“Works With Nest” Products Offer Safety and Security

Every year, millions of people travel for business and leisure. This often leaves homeowners with multiple dilemmas ranging from home safety to temperature control and everything in between. While Nest, a leader in innovative technology solutions, has developed a thermostat, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and a home security camera that operate seamlessly from a smartphone, this does not cover all the concerns homeowners may have.

The Nest platform allows for integration with other non-Nest household items that feature the “Works with Nest” logo. The “Works with Nest” program is affiliated with nearly 100 brands and products, allowing Nest users to create a home automation ecosystem in which all their home automation devices work together. One of the biggest benefits of Nest ecosystem is that products do not need to be programmed. Once connected, the products automatically work in harmony with each other.

A few of the available “Nest-ready” products include the Nest Cam, Wally Water Sensors, the Heatworks water heater and Philips Hue lights. The Nest Cam security camera is a 1080p camera that allows users to survey their homes remotely, and acts as a motion detector with an alert system that provides 24/7 home surveillance. Wally water sensors use existing home wiring to create a network of sensors that generate alerts for water leaks and provide relevant statistics on humidity and temperature levels within the home. The Heatworks water heater is based on the principle of hot water conservation. This Nest-integrated system recognizes the need to save hot water when you’re not home so you can use it later at your convenience. Philips Hue lights can provide control over the lighting in your home when you’re away. Previously, homeowners would have to leave lights on or have lights on manual timers when they were away for an extended period of time. With Philips Hue, homeowners can now remotely control the switching on and off of lights remotely to mimic the way they use their lights when they are home.

Next year, yet another very useful Nest-integrated device is set to hit the market. One of the leaders in creating locks, Yale, is set to unveil a keyless entry, remote control lock for homes. With Yale’s newest innovation in the lock industry, homeowners can feel safe that they can lock or unlock their home from their smartphones and never worry about losing house keys ever again. Additionally, homeowners can set temporary codes for guests that visit to give them a unique access code during their stay.

With many Nest-ready products available, Nest has created an ecosystem where products from different brands can work in harmony to provide solutions to problems that have long plagued homeowners. The ability for users to regulate the activity in their home from their smartphone is a tremendous benefit, whether people are home or away. By redefining today’s home automation experience, Nest and its integrated device ecosystem helps people feel safe–even when they leave their nest.