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Why a great business model is essential for digital transformation
A great business model enables companies to pivot and adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements.
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5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 2: Define
From that mind space, your team begins to truly comprehend and define the problem that customers feel compelled to solve. The objective is to craft a problem statement that is absolutely clear, actionably specific, and structured to address pain points that customers must deal with in the real world.
From Idea to Launch — Four Product Development Secret Weapons
Scientists are looking at the connection between gut and mental health - studying the effect of healthy microbiome on conditions like depression, anxiety and Parkinsons.
Industry Expert Series: Theresa Turner
In conversation with Theresa Turner, creative strategist at Trackmind, about how supplement brands can stand out from their competition.
Industry Expert Series: Sam Jactel
Conversation with Sam Jactel, founder & CEO of Ayble Health, about gut health and how the healthcare industry is using technology for personalized healthcare solutions.
5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 1: A Crash Course in Empathy
Picture an elegant, streamlined, massively powerful technological solution that nobody wants. There's no need to imagine it. They are everywhere, all around.
Storytelling in Biotechnology: Why it matters
By using storytelling to illustrate the benefits, applications, and impact of your technology, you can create a compelling narrative that captures the attention and imaginations of your audience.
The Power of Brand Collaborations
Brand collaborations have always been a popular marketing tactic, especially in the beverage industry. Whether it’s a brand partnering with a celebrity, a brand partnering with a movie on a new release, or two brands from the food and beverage industry.
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Go with the Pros: 6 Reasons Why Professional Website Designers Are Worth It
It’s hard to imagine running a modern business that does not have an online presence. After all, informative, accessible websites are something customers expect. If you’re looking to put up a webpage, you’ve got two options..
Creating an eCommerce Funnel to Maximize Conversions
Many e-commerce companies struggle in building an eCommerce funnel that is streamlined and perpetually engaging to maximize conversions.