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Supplement & GEN AI
Leveraging GEN AI for Enhanced Customer Experience in the Supplement Industry
Delve into the transformative role of Generative AI in the supplement industry and discover how it's reshaping customer experiences. Learn how businesses can harness this cutting-edge technology for personalized product recommendations, improved customer interactions, and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving health and wellness market
Platform Engineering
Platform Engineering: Building the Digital Foundations
Uncover the evolving landscape of Platform Engineering and explore how businesses can leverage this crucial discipline to bolster their digital infrastructure, improve user experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in today's tech-driven world.
Embracing ChatUX: How Companies Can Prepare for the Future of User Experience
Discover the growing importance of ChatUX in the digital age and learn how enterprises can adapt to this innovative user experience design trend to stay competitive, enhance messaging platforms, and create seamless interactions for their users.
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5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 2: Define
From that mind space, your team begins to truly comprehend and define the problem that customers feel compelled to solve. The objective is to craft a problem statement that is absolutely clear, actionably specific, and structured to address pain points that customers must deal with in the real world.
From Idea to Launch — Four Product Development Secret Weapons
Scientists are looking at the connection between gut and mental health - studying the effect of healthy microbiome on conditions like depression, anxiety and Parkinsons.
Industry Expert Series: Theresa Turner
In conversation with Theresa Turner, creative strategist at Trackmind, about how supplement brands can stand out from their competition.
Mindful Digital Design Defined
Mindful design is design-thinking at its core, carried out from your value proposition into each little detail of the experience.
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Go with the Pros: 6 Reasons Why Professional Website Designers Are Worth It
It’s hard to imagine running a modern business that does not have an online presence. After all, informative, accessible websites are something customers expect. If you’re looking to put up a webpage, you’ve got two options..
Creating an eCommerce Funnel to Maximize Conversions
Many e-commerce companies struggle in building an eCommerce funnel that is streamlined and perpetually engaging to maximize conversions.
Embracing the Importance of UX/UI Design
Brands must ensure that the design of their technology enhances the values embodied in both its "UX" and "UI" characteristics.
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