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5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 5: Excellence in Test Design
It’s common for concept design teams to try to test too much at once or to be blind to the power of confirmation bias.
5 Steps to Creating a Strategic Product Roadmap
A strategic product roadmap is a high-level document that explains the vision behind your product and provides product direction.
5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 4: Prototyping
The fourth stage in the Design Thinking process, Prototype, represents a reversal from everything you have done to get.
5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 3: Ideate
As you enter the Ideate stage of the design thinking process, your team will have a chance to unleash their creativity and pivot from scientists to artists.
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5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 2: Define
From that mind space, your team begins to truly comprehend and define the problem that customers feel compelled to solve. The objective is to craft a problem statement that is absolutely clear, actionably specific, and structured to address pain points that customers must deal with in the real world.
Designing Effective Prompts: A Guide to Prompt Engineering
Explore the essentials of prompt engineering in this comprehensive guide, where we share key principles, best practices, and tips to optimize AI language models and elevate the quality of generated responses.
From Idea to Launch — Four Product Development Secret Weapons
Scientists are looking at the connection between gut and mental health - studying the effect of healthy microbiome on conditions like depression, anxiety and Parkinsons.
Industry Expert Series: Sam Jactel
Conversation with Sam Jactel, founder & CEO of Ayble Health, about gut health and how the healthcare industry is using technology for personalized healthcare solutions.
5 Steps of Design Thinking Part 1: A Crash Course in Empathy
Picture an elegant, streamlined, massively powerful technological solution that nobody wants. There's no need to imagine it. They are everywhere, all around.
Mindful Digital Design Defined
Mindful design is design-thinking at its core, carried out from your value proposition into each little detail of the experience.
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