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User Experience (UX) Design and Testing for Ecommerce Site Optimization
Why positive UX is crucial You may have the perfect product, and your product may be unique enough so that your competition is minimal, but optimizing your ecommerce site so that it connects with your..
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Why Great Design Is Critical for Startups
You might have heard that you only have a few seconds for your brand make a good first impression. It turns out that a few seconds may be too late. In terms of your website, you really have only about...
UX Ecommerce
Improving Your Site’s UX: Products & Services, Customer Reviews, Transactions
A positive user experience with the first-impression elements of your site (navigation, homepage, mobile-friendly version) will lead users to further explore your products or services and, hopefully, become customers. Optimized UX..
Top 5 ways startups can use design to gain market share
Top 5 ways startups can use design to gain market share
Strong design is essential to capturing market share for your startup–Don’t let your moment pass. Startups have to walk a fine line. While they’re inherently innovative and forward-looking, they can’t be so focused on the future that they forget about today....
UX Ecommerce
Top 5 Best Practices in UX Design
Before jumping into UX design of your site, it’s important to familiarize yourself with UX research. The insights you gather from research will inform the design of your site and give you the user feedback you need for various stages...
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5 Steps in Design Thinking, Part 5: Excellence in Test Design
We now come to the end of a great arc on how to overcome any kind of business roadblock using design thinking. This approach is often used to create innovative new lines of business, but the more you apply it,...
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Steps in Design Thinking, Part 4: Create the Future with a Prototype
The fourth stage in the Design Thinking process, Prototype, represents a reversal from everything you have done to get here. This is the time for your team to pivot from multiplying possibilities to eliminating impracticalities. For those with an engineering...
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Steps in Design Thinking, Part 3: Ideate
Up to this point in the Design Thinking process, your team has had to lean heavily into the scientific method to Empathize with the customer based on gathered data and Define the optimal problem statement. Now, as they enter the...
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How to Assemble a Design Sprint Team
You’ve just decided to run a design sprint. At this point, your focus should be on building the perfect Design Sprint team. Assembling this team is easier said than done. After all, you need to establish a team that balances...