Transforming the future of alcoholic beverages through biotechnology.

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A new sustainable beverage blending craft and technology, art and science, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Zenso is founded by a small team of craft brewers & biotechnologists in Massachusetts. For decades, they’ve been thinking about how to make their industry a less wasteful one–and at last, they’ve created the technology and tools to enable the industry to become more sustainable.

A sophisticated and bright brand system.

For Zenso, we crafted a bold and bright visual brand that blended biotech and brewing, cutting-edge flavors and the Zenso brand story. Using the zen and enso elements, we created a dynamic logo system to express the brand across media. We then selected a set of bright colors to span flavor combinations, and finally, curated a wide selection of images from stock, retouching and AI solutions to bring the brand to life.

A flavor-led
design system.

Zenso creates cutting-edge flavor combinations for both craft cocktails and hard seltzers. It was of utmost importance to create a system that was flexible, flavor-led and most of all, stood out on shelves. To do this, we created a bold and bright gradient color system that becomes dark when used for canned cocktails, light for hard seltzers.

Getting the Word Out.

The marketing campaigns we created focused on the unique story of Zenso, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and how they are able to bring the industry full-circle through the use of spent grains in their brewing.

Nature and its elements–created with AI.

In creating the visual palette and imagery for Zenso, it became clear that through the utilization of AI, we couold easily create images that matched the color palette and brought the themes of brewing, biotech, nature and flavors together into one close-knit theme.

Sustainable Sipping by Zenso.

Zenso not only creates its own beverages, it also licenses its sustainable technology to other alcoholic beverage brands. In order to express the novel idea of sustainable alcoholic beverages, the Zenso “Sustainable Sipping” tagline was created. We then created a logo that could be displayed prominently on licensee containers, to create more brand equity.

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