Transforming Self-Care with a Gamified Experience

UX | App Development | Brand Identity

Energizing Brand Identity

Together with our client, Mala, we crafted an energizing brand identity for Zesties. Infused with bright, fresh citrusy colors, our visual brand concepts evoke a vibrant energy. The accompanying playful artwork captures the essence of a zestful life embraced through self-care.

Inspiring Healthy Competition

We helped build a gamified user experience that kept users engaged with the intention of stimulating better self-care.

Design and Development.

To drive traffic to the app, we designed and developed a single page website that explains how and why to use Zesties and how to download the app. The core challenge here was extending the design elements onto digital platforms.

Engaging Launch Video and Social Media

To expand the vision of self-care through friendly competition, we designed an array of social media post templates that allowed the client to expand the story of the app onto Instagram where she could meet her audience where they are.

The team at Trackmind set the bar very high with our brand identity and website development, far exceeding our expectations. As a start-up, it’s hard to know who to trust to bring your brand to life, and it’s been a great experience through the entire journey; from the exemplary project management so we always knew the status and next steps, to the quality of the deliverables, and working with a really lovely team of people who made us feel like a valued client!


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