Top 3 Supplement Trends from Expo West 2023

Top 3 Supplement Trends from Expo West 2023

At this year’s Natural Products Expo, our team had the chance to connect with some of the top supplement brands in the industry. While we were there, we took note of new brands and products – from innovative supplement formats – to the latest gut health trends – to emerging feminine care products. Here’s the top 3 supplement industry trends we discovered at Natural Products Expo.


Non-pill Supplement Formats are More Popular Than Ever


It’s no secret that consumers are suffering from pill fatigue. The non-pill supplement formats categories have been steadily growing for years and the products we saw at Expo this year showed that this trend isn’t slowing anytime soon. 


We checked out the Embody booth, where they were showcasing the first ever retinol gummy. This supplement is designed to increase collagen production, improve skin texture and slow down signs of aging. 

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Over at Sunwink, we had the chance to try their new prebiotic superfood powder. And Sunwink wasn’t the only brand using powder as their chosen supplement format. Naturade, a nutritional shake company, also sells their supplement shakes in a powder format. 


Showcasing another innovative non-pill format was TwinLab, who shared their D3/K2 “Dots” – a specially formulated micro tablet that dissolves in your mouth. 

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Digestive Health a Top Consumer Priority


Gut Health has been a trending priority among consumers over the past few years, and it continues to gain market share year over year. According to, the global probiotics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2023 and 2032, reaching a valuation of approximately USD 131 billion in 2032. This growth is thanks in no small part to the new recognition that gut health impacts the rest of our body – including mental health. 


At the Natural Products Expo this year, Enzymedica was highlighting their status as a leader in enzyme and digestive health supplements, touting over 24 years of scientific research into digestive enzymes and supplements that improve gut health. 


Belly Brain was another top probiotic supplement brand drawing attention at this year’s Expo. They’ve taken an innovative approach to gut health – offering living probiotic smoothies in fun flavors such as banana cream, strawberry mango and apple cinnamon ginger. 

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Feminine Care Products Take Center Stage


Feminine personal care brands were creating space for themselves at this year’s Natural Products Expo, indicating new innovative feminine products may soon be on the rise in the marketplace. 


Hempress Hygienics was one of the brands that stood out to us in this category, offering feminine care products made from a hemp fiber and organic cotton blend. Their mission? To provide sustainable, biodegradable alternatives to single-use personal care products. 


Another exciting brand that we connected with was The Honey Pot. This brand provides plant-derived feminine care products that support vaginal health. They also set aside 2% of their profits every year to donate to “charitable organizations that provide access, connection, kindness and education to humans with vaginas across the globe.”

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